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TAJIT Scholarship for Interpreting and Translation Students

TAJIT is committed to supporting undergraduate students enrolled in an Interpreting and Translating program, as a minor or a as major, at an accredited Texas college or university.

In 2021, TAJIT granted $4,500 in scholarship funds to the following institutions

University of Texas El Paso UTEP

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley UTRGV

University of Texas San Antonio UTSA


Scholarship Constituency

A student who attends a Texas college or university whose field of study, as a major or minor, is translation and interpreting.


Funds Availability

The TAJIT Scholarships can be a one-time grant or an annual scholarship. The amount and the constituents shall be decided by the Board of Directors. 

Scholarship Recipients

The Texas college or university can allocate the scholarship funds to one or more students. The scholarship can be academic or need based but the recipients must have declared a major or a minor in interpreting or translation.

The recipients can use the scholarship funds for tuition payment, books or other expenses. The funds cannot be used to attend other Translation and Interpreting conferences such ATA or NAJIT.

Fee Waiver for TAJIT Conference

The TAJIT BOD may waive the TAJIT annual conference fee to any scholarship recipient on a case-by-case basis.

Texas College or University Program Director Obligations

In order to be eligible for consideration for future TAJIT scholarship funds, the program director shall report in writing before the annual conference who the scholarship recipients were, as well as the criteria used to select the candidates to the TAJIT BOD at least 30 days prior to the annual conference.

2021 TAJIT Scholarship Recipients



Adrren Ramírez

Sonia Cedillo

Yazmin González

Sydney Wilson




Perla Martinez

Karen Ramirez

Karla Duran

Alondra Corral

Liliana Aguilar


Minnie McQuade

Maria Luisa Montealvo Rojas

Matilde Herrera


DISCLAIMER: Links to “Other Training Opportunities” on our website are posted to inform and assist LCI’s or members of the public about alternative training venues for court interpreters.  Except for TAJIT's official Training Courses, all Other Training Opportunities posted on our website are not endorsed by TAJIT. Users of this public service are responsible for independently verifying the worthiness of the courses and the accuracy of the representations made by their providers and/or presenters. 

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Upcoming Events


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