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Mission of TAJIT

The mission of the Texas Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (TAJIT) is to further the professional development and recognition of all judiciary interpreters and translators in Texas. TAJIT has members working in various spoken and signed languages, as well as members who are studying to become court interpreters or who work in administration and education.

TAJIT's Goals
  • To formulate, promote and advance professional and ethical Standards of Practice;
  • To promote and provide an opportunity for professional development;
  • To promote and provide interaction among peers as well as professional relationships and cooperation with other professional associations
  • To further the interests of the profession;
  • To hold periodic meetings; and
  • To encourage, assist and mentor future interpreters and translators.

Why Join TAJIT?

  • Participate in Forums: Share information, resources, terminology and professional dilemmas and association related matters.
  • Network with your peers: find jobs and discuss job related challenges   
  • Reduced rate: for the required continuing education classes and when you register to attend the annual conference.
  • Regular members have the opportunity to vote and serve as a board member.

Board Members and Officers:

Ruth Carroll, Treasurer 

Monica Cejudo

Dulce De Jongh

Jacqui Dominguez

Steven Mines, President 

Carol Shaw, Secretary

Leyla Yatim, Vice-President 


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