On Thursday, April 5, 2018, the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley awarded TAJIT Scholarships to four enrolled students: Diana Lara, Veronica Garcia, Adelita Garza and Daniel Muñoz. On behalf of UTRGV and TAJIT, CONGRATULATIONS TO THESE RECIPIENTS! 


Veronica Garcia Rojas, a Mexican national, was born in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, where she currently lives and where she completed her education through high school level at Colegio Oralia Guerra de Villarreal.  

Ever since high school she has been interested in translation as well as the knowledge of the English language, allowing her to place more emphasisin English as a second language. At the present time, she is studying the seventh semester of Spanish Translation and Interpreting studies at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Verónica is grateful to her teachers and to TAJIT for the opportunity provided, and she is grateful for the Program of Translation and Interpretation at UTRGV. Verónica hopes to graduate next December and to begin her professional life as a translator and interpreter, with an emphasis in translation.

Adelita Garza. My name is Adelita Garza, I am 20 years old and I am from Palmview, Texas. Currently I am studying the next to the last year at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. I study translation and interpretation; this is because I have helped my mother with the English language since I was very young. This fact motivated me to take this course of studies and I want to work hard to help many others, as I did with my mom. I am very grateful to TAJIT for the support provided by this scholarship.   

Diana Lara. My name is Diana Lara. I was raised in the city of El Paso, Texas. I moved to Brownsville, Texas so that I could study Translation and Interpretation at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. I had the privilege to be of part of a dual language program from elementary through high school, which inspired my passion for Interpretation. I have learned a lot from my teachers and classmates these past years, and every day I am more convinced that I chose the perfect course of study. In the future, I will continue my studies and enter a Master program; I would like to become an Interpreter in the Judiciary or Medical field. I am very thankful to TAJIT for their generosity and for opening more doors so that I can continue forging ahead. It is truly an honor and a great blessing.  

Daniel Muñoz. I am twenty years old and I study translation and interpretation into Spanish at UTRGV.  I am very interested in the fields of History, Culture, Philosophy and Language. I especially like Mexican History during the French Occupation and the reign of Emperor Maximilian. I hope to graduate in the next two years with a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpretation, in order to begin to work and one day have a family. Thanks for this scholarship.